KKay is turning 11! but she's still 2?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Hey guys, since KKay's birthday is right around the corner, here's a post about her.

KKay was born on Feb 29th! Look at that date again..... She was born on a LEAP YEAR! Since her birthday only happens once every 4 years, I like to remind her that she is exceptional. I feel fortunate to have given birth on an uncommon day to such a beautiful little gem like herself. KKay has exceeded my expectations of her from an early age. She fines pleasure in reading, drawing and playing Legos, The Sims and slime. I find her to intelligent, amusing and motivated. KKay has shown maturity by helping out with her little brother Josh, Great-Grands and most of all ME. She has a big heart and shows compassion for others constantly. KKay recently began homeschooling (per her request) this year and is pleased on how great it has been. KKay mentioned to me that she appreciates the freedom to learn when and how she wants. Kkay also enjoys tumbling, watching tv, going on day trips and playing with her brother.

We are going to our favorite hotel to celebrate her birthday and I can not wait to shower her with gifts.

xo, Mommy Kay

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