I’m a bad bribing mom!

Josh will be 5 in April and boy is it hard to get him to listen. I keep hearing other parents say that boys are hard-headed, super active and have a mind of their own. Well, I can definitely agree, Josh is wild, hyper, bossy and controlling. It’s really difficult to have one normal day where I am not yelling at him.

I know, yelling isn’t the right way to handle it, but coming from a loud family and having to repeat myself over a million times, I sure feel like it’s one way to get him to listen. (it doesn’t really work)

I often use bribes to get him to listen. For example, if you clean up your toys you can watch YouTube kids. Although that doesn’t always work either, Josh always needs to know ”why“ for everything too. He is just too smart for his own good (and mine).

I need tips on how to get him to listen. I’ve tried redirectin, time outs, taking things away. He doesn’t care, he just does what he wants.

What do you do to get your kids to listen?!


Mommy Kay


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