Mommys Little Elephants Story

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I am Kay, happiest mommy to KKay and Josh! I chose elephants as my theme because I feel that I can relate to them the most. Mother elephants nurture their calves and don't allow them fend for themselves. Calves and mothers are very close, as I am with my children and elephants also know that it takes a community to raise their young ones. 

This blog was started to share bits and pieces of my life with you. I started homeschooling my children in Jan 2019 and feel like this decision has been one of the greatest I've ever made.(UPDATE 2020- we are no longer homeschooling, kids are back to public school) My children and I are very into day trips to the city, where we enjoy learning about any and everything we can. We are very blessed to have the opportunity to live with my maternal grandparents, who share great wisdom with my little family. Speaking of family, my story and my life experiences will be told on the blog. Check back often for short reads about my Little Elephants, my life, my Grands, and more.

  xo, Mommy Kay

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